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Just because your organization has a web site doesn't mean it's easy to find when someone searches for it. Make finding your website and organization quick, easy and certain for those who need it most.

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    Get Found

    Do you know the words people use when searching for your services? Do you realize that if your organization doesn't rank on the first page of a search result, chances are your organization won't be found? That's why was developed. To help your services be found by people who are nearest to you and in need.

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    Find Others

    With an affordable Pro subscription, you’ll have access to nearly 250,000 pieces of data in our database on 2,800+ provider organizations like yours, so you can make proper referrals anywhere in the U.S. and compare your organization with others. You'll also receive our annual industry report and the ability to customize your organization's profile.

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    Go Mobile

    Keeping your web site current and mobile-friendly is difficult. That's where can help. Update your organization's profile with a few easy clicks, whenever you want and without calling expensive programmers. Your information will display ideally on mobile phones, where 50% of searches are now conducted.

  • "There has never been a single place on the Internet where anyone could turn to compare providers and quickly find services nearest to them. I can't think of a single thing the domestic violence provider community can do collectively that will have more impact on their mission than participating in"

    - Preston V. McMurry Jr., Founder, Theresa's Fund

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    • Complete Contact Information
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    • Custom Organization Information
    • Free Online Support
    • Annual Industry Report
    • Online Directory of All DV Organizations
    • Receive FundMe Donations
    • Dashboard to View Listing Traffic
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    • Complete Contact Information
    • List of Services
    • Add logos, Links, Images
    • Custom Organization Information
    • Free Online Support
    • Annual Industry Report
    • Online Directory of All DV Organizations
    • Receive FundMe Donations
    • Dashboard to View Listing Traffic
FREEw/ registration PRO
Claim Location Claim location as your own
Verified On Date Displays the date that information about your organization was verified.
Profile Strength Icon Displays the Profile Strength icon indicating how many fields in your locations profile have been completed.
Emergency Shelter Status Icon Displays your organization's Emergency Shelter status.
DV Focused Status Icon Displays whether your organization's main focus is Domestic Violence
Organization Name Displays the organization name.
Hotline Number Displays your organization's hotline number.
Business Phone Displays your organization's business phone number.
Toll Free Phone Displays whether your organization accepts collect calls.
TTY/TTD Phone Displays your organization's TTY/TTD phone number.
Fax Number Displays your organization's FAX number.
Accepts Collect Calls Displays your organization's ability to accept collect calls.
Hours of Operation Displays your organization's hours of operation on it's details page.
Hotline Hours of Operation Displays your organization's hotline hours of operation.
Languages Spoken Displays the languages your organization speaks.
Emergency Services Displays the emergency services your organization provides.
Legal & Financial Services Displays the legal & financial services your organization provides.
Counseling Services Displays the counseling services your organization provides.
Housing Services Displays the housing services your organization provides.
Support Services Displays the support services your organization provides.
Children's Services Displays the children's services your organization provides.
Community Education Services Displays the community education services your organization provides.
Populations Served Displays the populations your organization serves.
Demographics Served Displays the demographics your organization serves.
Organizational Description Displays the description you provide for your organization.
Date Established Displays the date your organization was established.
Counties Served Displays the counties your organization serves.
Website Link Displays your organization's website link.
Beds Displays the number of beds your organization offers.
Length of stay Displays the maximum length of stay your organization offers.
Wheelchair accessible Displays whether your organization offers wheelchair accessibility.
Pet shelter Displays whether your organization offers pet shelter.
Your Logo Displays the logo for your organization.
Donation Link Displays a link to your organization's donation web-page.
Social Media Links Displays your organization's social media links - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Your Images Display's images you have provided for your organization.
Special Programs Displays any special programs your organization participates in.
Awards Displays awards your organization has received.
Accreditations Displays accreditations your organization has received.
Press Releases Displays press releases for your organization.
Web/Email Support Displays whether your organization offers web or email support.
Annual State of Industry Report Fifty page report that provides the most comprehensive review of national and state/province statistics related to domestic violence providers in the U.S. and Canada.
Directory Access to All Profiles See all organization profiles, regardless of that organization's membership level. Remember, free accounts show very limited amounts of data, as a Pro Member you will be able to see all the information we have on file for every organization.
Receive FundMe Donations The thousands of followers of make donations to our FundMe program, and as a Pro member a portion of all giving is distributed to your organization.
Dashboard to View Listing Traffic As a Pro member, we'll turn on a dashboard that allows to see and analyze the traffic that drives to your listing and website.
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There are multiple ways to save by claiming multiple locations if you operate more than one location and by paying your subscription once annually vs monthly. Here's how to save:

  • 10% Off = Claiming 2 to 3 locations.
  • 20% Off = Claiming 4 locations or more.
  • 5% Off = Pay your subscription(s) annually.


The maximum discount that can be achieved is 25% (by claiming 4 or more locations and paying once annually). Discounts are applied to future payments only and are not retroactive; there is no pro-rating for previously made payments.